Our Story


God inspired the authors of the Bible, by the Spirit, to speak to everyone about the purpose of life. We are called to immerse ourselves in this narrative in order to find our purpose within God's story today. God created everything that you see, and explains to us that there are Creator, Jesus, and Spirit persons of God.

We are created as reflections to love God, each other, creation, and ourselves.

These relationships were fractured when people decided to go their own way and not follow God’s heart and desire for life. In response, God did not abandon the world, but promised to restore creation to wholeness. God fulfilled this promise through Jesus; who was born, lived a life, and overcame death all in a miraculous way. We now have hope through this virgin birth, death at the hands of humanity, resurrection, and ascension into heaven. Jesus sent the Spirit to sustain and guide us through life in this world. We are told to respond to this great news through believing in Jesus, by following God’s desires again, and to be dunked in water as a dramatic witness to the unfolding narrative. The Spirit affirms who we are, gives us a new life, delivers us from any separation from God, and gives us the work of reconciliation on earth. We are told that we find ourselves in this story through the church. The church is a gathering of people that desire to impact lives and reach the world with this incredible promise of hope.

Our mission is to make followers of Jesus who love their communities.

Any gathering of the church is formed to make intentional relationships that lead to a greater understanding and expression of God. This new community is celebratory, devoted to God’s teaching, and partakers of communion until Jesus’ promise of return is fulfilled. One day, God will return and recreate everything. Our relationship with God and all of creation will be made whole and this is hope. This makes life worth living and is a story in which we each have a part.