What is Spiritual Direction?  

“Spiritual direction is a way of companioning with people in their life with God. Spiritual directors offer the gift of listening to both the directee and listening to the movement of the Spirit. The practice takes the shape of an honest reflection in the presence of a co-pilgrim. Together we notice those places that are moving toward an integrated life with God and those places that are stuck. Spiritual directors might suggest classical spiritual practice such as prayer, solitude, or celebration. We also might suggest some not-so-classical practices such as painting, dancing, or play. Healing, sustaining, reconciling, and guiding are primary elements, which are found in the biblical, historical, and theological foundations of spiritual direction. 

(Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls, 11.)

We are not meant to journey alone. If you would like to seek a “co-pilgrim” to confidentially walk alongside, to listen with you, to help you notice God’s voice and work in your daily life, spiritual direction may be for you!

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There are two ways engage in spiritual direction at Resonate:

One on one — with a trained, certified spiritual director (free to the Resonate community OR by donation)

Listening Circle — a spiritual direction group of 3-4 where you learn to walk alongside, listen with, and companion each other in your life with God. Facilitated by a trained, certified spiritual director.

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Contact Pastor Becky to inquire about spiritual direction.

Becky Elliott, MASF, CSD was trained and certified as a Spiritual Director by Portland Seminary. Listening with and helping others cultivate their spiritual life is her passion.