Kevin is originally from Southern California and moved to the Northwest when he was 19 years old.  He entered into ministry in 1996 as a worship and youth leader, eventually becoming a preaching pastor in his mid-twenties. He and Amanda were married in 2001 and have served as pastors in three different communities in Oregon. They moved to Sherwood in 2009, along with an amazing team, to start Resonate.  Nittaya was born on March 31, 2009 and God gave her to them on May 25, 2010 (her adoption birthday).  They have pastored Resonate as a family ever since.     


Kevin has had a passion for church planting since the early 2000’s, serving with churches and in a ministry of church planting before coming to Sherwood.  Through a five year process, a large amount of support from very loving people, assessment, listening to God for the right location, fundraising, and gathering a dynamic team, the Bates moved to Sherwood to start Resonate. He has the fond memory of listening to the first group gathering sing and praise God on that first day on October 10, 2010 at 10:10AM.


Kevin is the Lead Pastor and Theologian for Resonate. He is one of a growing number of preachers that serves in teaching scripture during our Gatherings.  His main work is to lead and develop the pastoral team and make sure that through this team and the teams and groups they lead, that each person is cared for in our church.  He is also given the amazing opportunity to serve at Symposium Coffee as one of the owners and operators in this strategic partnership with our region.


Kevin loves to spend time with his family outside.  He enjoys snow shoeing and cross country skiing in the winter. He likes running, biking, and hiking in the rain or shine.  Date nights with Amanda and practicing cello with his daughter are the highlights of his week.     




Bachelor of Science in Biology, Boise State University

Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, Boise Bible College

Master of Science in Practical Ministry, Pepperdine University

Doctorate of Ministry in Semiotics and Emerging Leadership, George Fox Seminary