Jared Bucko

Jared grew up in Mountain View, California, went to college in Los Angeles, and lived in San Jose for about nine months before moving to Oregon in 2010. His past ministry experience includes serving with the worship team for the high school, college, and 20’s ministries at Peninsula Bible Church in Cupertino, California, as well as three summers at Mount Hermon’s Redwood Camp (one as a counselor, two as music director) near Santa Cruz. He also had a brief stint serving with the Campus Crusade worship team while he was a student at UCLA. Additionally, he has participated in short term mission trips to Mexico, Romania, and Moldova, and he hopes to return to Moldova in the not-too-distant future.


Jared first became a part of Resonate in June 2010, when he bumped into Bethany Stoller at a church service (they were in the same graduate school cohort at George Fox) and she invited him to sit with her friends Jake Pflug, and Kevin, Amanda, and Nittaya Bates. That same night they had him over for dinner and he would continue to get to know Resonate by attending a community group and several events that were held that summer. Originally, he served as part of the set-up team but eventually switched his focus to being a part of the worship team. Currently, he serves as the Worship Director, which primarily involves coordinating the schedule for the worship and audio/video teams, checking in with team members and worship leaders, leading worship teams as part of a rotation, and developing our worship experience for Sunday mornings and beyond.


Jared has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA and a Master of Arts in Teaching from George Fox University. Currently, he works part-time at Symposium Coffee. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his wife Katie, reading, listening to music (and being an audiophile on a budget), playing video games with friends, and watching sports (he and Katie both love baseball - go Giants!). He also enjoys going to the bouldering gym and hopes to get back into snowboarding and surfing.



Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, UCLA

Master of Arts in Teaching, George Fox University

Master of Arts in Theological Studies, George Fox Seminary – in progress