Britney was born in Southern California, then moved with her family to Grants Pass, Oregon where she grew up as a teenager.  During her middle school and high school years, she became friends with several girls who invited her to an event at Redwood Christian Church. From that point on, Britney became a consistent member of Redwood’s youth group under the leadership of Amanda Bates.  There she became involved in ministry as a middle school leader and in small groups.


She desired to continue to serve in ministry during her college years, and when she heard about the forming of Resonate she decided to come on board.  Britney joined the Resonate team as the Communications Coach and moved to the Portland area in September 2009.  She attended Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and minored in Judaic Studies.  Through Resonate Britney met her now husband, Todd King.  They married in October 2011. Britney is currently the Connection Director, leading the Fusion and Communication teams. She is involved in ministries that connect people to Resonate through promotions, marketing, and learning.  She and Todd enjoy leading a community group together.


Britney works as an administrative assistant at a local human resources consulting company.  She desires to build up her experience as a wedding and event coordinator by volunteering her time.  For fun Britney likes to explore Portland, travel, write, run with friends, hike, and try different restaurants with Todd.



Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, Portland State University