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We believe that our community is as close to home as our backyards and as far reaching as across the globe. This is why we are supporting missionaries around the world.

Meet Krista Ranno


Krista Ranno is our missionary in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) which is a country in West Africa.Updated April 2016

Primary Ministry:

  1. Focusing on the students that come to the Mustard Tree Learning Center by teaching English. The Mustard Tree Learning Center is a community center with a cyber cafe, library, and space for English classes.
  2. Participating with university students in a club called YouthPower! Movement (a subdivision of The HuD Group) at the University of Bouake and giving a seminar once a month.

Major Challenges:

  • Language acquisition: French
  • Finding creative ways to spend time with other young women. Since the work of the home is the women’s job, “free time” does not often exist.

Location Details:

Cote d’Ivoire is a country slightly larger than the size of New Mexico and has a population of over 20 million people. The religious landscape is as follows:

  • Islam: 38%
  • Catholic: 22%
  • Protestant: 6%
  • Animism: 17%
  • Other: 17%

Due to strong animist traditions which permeate all aspects of Ivoirian life, Islam and Catholicism are highly syncretistic. The Protestant group seems small, but it is the only group that is not syncretistic.


"My experiences in Tanzania revealed the interconnectedness and complexity of missions work in Africa. After learning firsthand how missions initiatives were historically linked to colonialism, I became increasingly skeptical of international missions, and I debated the merits of mission work altogether.

When I was a student at Whitworth University, the Lord began teaching me that we cannot separate the person and teachings of Jesus Christ from social action. I became convinced that missions would only be as successful as the partnership between the nationals and the missionaries. It was this realization that made me more passionate about overseas ministry.

I'm enthralled with studying and contemplating various missions philosophies. Over this past year, I've been working with Africa New Life Ministries, based in Portland, Oregon, in the Team Trips Department. Working with Rwandan colleagues to help plan each trip and prepare team members before traveling to Rwanda has taught me how we can better navigate the challenges that come with cross-cultural work.

I'm eager to spend this next year in Côte d'Ivoire-- looking forward to learning from the sociocultural and religious backdrop, as well as from the church leaders, host families, neighbors, and fellow teammates about ministry in the Ivorian Church."


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