As we journey through Luke together this summer in our gatherings, we have compiled this resource to complement that time. Read these selections slowly out loud, either as an individual, as a family, or in a community group. Use this space to record what the Holy Spirit reveals to you from your time in prayer.

Lent begins March 1, 2017 this year! Click here to access the Lent devotional booklet put together by our team. Take this resource and share it with your family, friends, or community group as we await Easter.


The 2016 Advent workbook is here: click here to access it! 

We want to invite you to join us in participating in the season of Advent this Christmas time! Advent has been celebrated for centuries, as believers all over the globe have continuously gathered together to celebrate the coming of Jesus, and the hope that gives us. As a church, we hope to enter into the time of ancient Israel, and experience that angst in waiting for the savior to come. We will also look to the future, and the coming hope we have of a new heaven and earth with Jesus’ return. 

Please enter in with us as we walk through weeks of hope, peace, joy and love by using this Advent workbook we have created for us all to work through together! In the workbook, you will find a scripture and devotional reading for each day of the four weeks leading up to Christmas, along with questions for you to reflect on and respond to as you document your Advent experience. Our hope is that this workbook will serve as a guide for our church to join in with the global Advent celebration, as we encounter God in the questioning.