Formation Fridays: Not to impose, but...

I am writing this right now from sunny Malibu, California. I want to extend sincere gratitude from myself and the rest of the leadership team down here for allowing us the time to come down to the Pepperdine Bible Lectures series this year. We have spent a lot of time together learning about the Holy Spirit, discussing, and praying. We are excited to bring back what we’ve been learning and share with all of you.

This post is also continuing in our theme of Love through the Fruit of the Spirit. Our new fruit is the fruit of gentleness.

What is gentleness? There are so many different ways that we could approach this (as we probably will over the next month), but this week, there is something on my mind specifically in relation to this particular Fruit of the Spirit and how the Spirit interacts with us.

Something several of us have heard over and over again this week is how the Holy Spirit is non-coercive. What is meant by that is that the Spirit does not force us to do things. The Spirit does not (often) call loudly for our attention. The Spirit does not twist our arm. The Spirit is gentle with us. The Spirit prods, nudges.

All of the fruits of the Spirit are formational, but the fruit of gentleness may be one that requires a little more attention than the others.

We have this model of gentleness in the Spirit and how the Spirit deals with us. I’ve been wondering how I can apply it to myself and my interactions with other people. I see the Spirit working in my life and the lives of those around me, and it is not in a way that imposes.

So, not to impose on you, but I am going to propose that we reflect on our thoughts of the Holy Spirit and how we can let the Spirit be more like the Spirit. How can we be more gentle with ourselves and with each other? 

May the Spirit guide you in gentleness and truth,

Pastor Todd

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