Formation Fridays: Waiting Well

As we have entered into the first week of the Advent season, I have been reflecting on what it means to wait well. We are so accustomed to waiting poorly, it’s no wonder why waiting well is so difficult. I know I have had my share of bad waiting. We wait for the light to turn green, and the line to move faster at the market. We wait for bad news, never good news, it seems. 

We also wait for reconciliation, and we wait for the doctor’s call with test results. We wait for healing, and some wait for freedom. We wait to birth or adopt a child. Waiting well takes courage and hope. Waiting well also takes community. This kind of waiting invites others into the dark spaces and places where we need another hand to guide us, to remind us where we have been and where we are going, to help us see beauty in desolation.

Richella Parham of Renovare Institute, calls this the liturgy of waiting. Where we are not just waiting “on” God, but waiting “with” God. Waiting “on” someone, is impatient, something I don’t want to do or avoid if I can. It is a burden. Waiting “with” someone is to come alongside in companionship, to make room for one another in friendship. It is togetherness. It is the friend who sits up all night with us in the hospital waiting room.

God chose to companion us right at the beginning. God’s desire has always been to be with us. The incarnation was God’s plan to walk this earth with us as we sit in the waiting room of life, in hopeful longing for God's promises to be fulfilled. God waits with us as we wait.

How have you experienced God’s companionship in your waiting? How might you companion another in their waiting this Advent season?

We encourage you to continue using our 2017 Advent workbook: click here to access it!

Hope and Peace,

Becky Elliott

Associate Pastor, Spiritual Formation and Women’s Ministry

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