Hope for Haiti Trip Updates

Hello!  You may have heard about Resonate Youth's Hope for Haiti project.  They are planning a trip to Haiti in the spring and they need our help.  Below is a list of updates for their trip including costs, ways to donate, prayer requests and fundraising information. 

Haiti Trip 2017

Resonate Youth and team

Dates: March 26 - April 1, 2017

Everything needs to be paid for 45 days before the trip – February 9, 2017.

Contact Beth to get involved: beth@resonatecc.com


Trip cost is $100 per person, per day. This includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Transportation to and from ministry sites
  • 2 Haitian Translators
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner     
  • Purified drinking water   
  • Lodging in our 20-person mission house     
  • Electricity (running the generator as necessary)
  • Airfare: Currently about $600 round-trip per person.

Total per person: approximately $1200

The team would also like to bring a 300 or 400 gallon water drum to install which costs: $300 or $400.

Urgent needs:

  • Solar Lights are $17.95 each and can be bought at REI or on Amazon. You can bring these to Gathering on Sunday. 
  • Clean water: our goal is to raise money to purchase a water drum that we will install when we go in March (Or as many as possible!)
  • Prayer requests:

·  Health and protection: the south, which was devastated from the hurricane, has now fought a non-stop rain.  This is causing more flooding and damage and increasing the Cholera outbreak.

·  Revival: that the Holy Spirit would continue to breathe life into the country and bring about a revival that overwhelms all who are stuck in the bondage of darkness.

·  Restoration:  the places which have been destroyed are met with the restoring and redeeming power of Christ in ways which are undeniable.

·  Sending us: preparing our hearts for the work and responding to God’s call.

Ideas for raising money for the trip:

  • Bake Sale
  • Asking local businesses to support (and we serve them in some way)
  • Bottle can collecting
  • Support letters
  • Doing jobs for people (for example: raking leaves, cleaning houses, doing yard work, fixing stuff, watching pets, babysitting, door-to-door stuff, weeding, running errands for people…)
  • Getting ideas for how others raised money




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