Krista Ministry Update

We received a recent update from Krista on where she is spending her time.  Here is a photo of Krista cooking the Christmas meal with her host family.


 A lot of her week is spent outside the home in the community. By February her schedule will be more set, but here's what's up: She is working at the Mustard Tree Learning Center - it's a cyber cafe, library, place for English classes, and eventually there will be a little cafe with *real* coffee, not instant!! She is doing some admin work there as well as helping each person get set up with the computer, books, etc. English classes begin in February. She may teach an English class or computer class. 

She'll also be focusing a lot of her time with university students - working with the English Corner at the University here in Bouake - starting a book club/philosophy discussion group here (philosophy is taught starting in high school, and students enjoy talking about ethics, God, etc.). Her goal is not to teach but to create a safe place for discussion and encourage students to ask why. The life here both academically and in the home--everything--is done out of tradition or out of rote memorization so evaluating/asking why is not something that is cultivated here.

Krista will also be participating in seminars with a group called The HuD Group (an organization that focuses on providing life skills, leadership and specific areas of business training for university students). This is a way to connect with university students, and she is excited for it. 

Debi MollahanComment